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Bushwick’s Living Gallery Is Moving On Down


Oriana Leckert | October 8, 2017
The boundary-pushing art space and community hub is opening a second location across the river on the Lower East Side.

So much of New York’s artistic migration over the last decade has been east, from Manhattan to the shores of Brooklyn. Perhaps the time has come for things to start evening out a bit? Some evidence to support that view is that the Living Gallery, which opened its doors in Bushwick in 2012, will be starting a second gallery on the Lower East Side.

From Bushwick Daily:


The new space is co-owned by Nyssa Frank (of the original gallery), Joseph Meloy, and Alexandria Hodgkins (a now-married couple who met at the original Broadway space). Together, the trio stumbled across their new space and signed paperwork for it within one week this past June.


The Living Gallery has long been known for its wide-ranging programming, from dance classes to “art battles” to potluck open-mic nights, as well as for being a welcoming community hub for people from the neighborhood’s many different demographics. Frank told Bushwick Daily that the newest iteration will continue that mission, adding:


“The main difference is that I have two epic partners for this second space, one who is an artist and born and raised in the Lower East Side, and the second is a community activist who actually was a part of Arts In Bushwick’s community outreach!”


May the artistic transference between the boroughs continue to flourish.

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Oriana Leckert is a writer, editor, cultural hipstorian [sic], and the author of Brooklyn Spaces: 50 Hubs of Culture & Creativity. Her writing has appeared on Slate, Atlas Obscura, New York Post, Matador, Hyperallergic, Gothamist, Curbed, Brooklyn Magazine, Brooklyn Based, and more.


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