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Cocktails with Drones: The Perfectly Unnecessary Way to Serve a Drink


Carly Pifer | Brittany NO FOMO | October 11, 2017
Cocktails with Creators: Artist, chef, and visionary Michael Cirino serves a high-flying cocktail with an unexpected twist.

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Waiting for a bartender to shake or stir your drink is so yesterday. Brooklyn creator Michael Cirino, boasting some serious Italian heritage cred — check the mustache — decided to change the game. That’s kinda his MO: His culinary experience company A Razor/A Shiny Knife has long conceived and executed unexpected and unusual events, like serving a fancy lunch on the L train or organizing a 100-course meal for a discerning crowd.

His latest endeavor, for which he built a gigantic bar that doubles as launching and landing pad, is making cocktails with drones.

“Drones have been exciting for a while, but not many people get to touch them. This project was something that started out as a novel joke a couple years ago: How do we take drones and incorporate them into an event, an experience, or everyday life in a different way than just delivering packages or making a video?” —Michael Cirino

Watch Michael’s drones do something very different — and very delicious.


1/2 oz. Fernet-Branca

1/2 oz. lime juice

3/4 oz. ginger syrup

1 1/2 oz. gin

Candied ginger

Stir all ingredients and serve over ice. Garnish with candied ginger.

 Remember: Don’t drink and drone.

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Photos and video stills by Sonic Highlark Brittany NO FOMO


Carly Pifer is a writer based in Brooklyn. Her work has appeared in publications including Brooklyn Magazine, Refinery29, and VICE Motherboard. She never misses an opportunity for a costume party and knows the best burger in New York is at a hole-in-the-wall Pakistani joint in Bushwick.

Brittany NO FOMO is a photographer and music journalist, immersed in the festival world and Brooklyn underground music and arts culture for over six years. She founded No Fear of Missing Out that gave the underground Brooklyn scene a voice and is now the Music Festival Editor for Highlark. You can find her chatting up the bartender at a brewery or on the dance floor.


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