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Onward Into a Bright VR Future


Laura June Kirsch | November 4, 2017
Riding around in a robot never seemed so inspiring.

If Leigh Christie has anything to say about it, the future is not only going to be all right, it will be BRIGHT. The NYC-based intrapreneur recently organized The Future Is Alright, a “curated futuristic atmosphere” and night of festivities, at a gallery in Brooklyn.

Techies, futurists, virtual-reality lovers, and many more curious folks ventured out to East New York to experience interactive art installations, spontaneous performances, room-scale VR, DJs, and dancing. The event was hosted by Shipwrite, an up-and-coming social-movement collective, which aimed to ask attendees the question: “What can be if we dare to create?”

photo by Aaron Nevin

The event was intended to bring together a broad swath of people from art, tech, science, media, philanthropy, and social justice. “VR and robots tend to inspire,” Leigh said via email. “They lend themselves to artistic formats, and they help defeat the plague of postmodern cynicism that has crippled our cultural progress.”

photo by Aaron Nevin

The Future’s main attraction was Novo Reality’s massive, fully immersive Robot Arm Virtual Reality Experience. Guests took turns on the giant mechanical robot, riding it both literally and figuratively — being carried around in the air while fully immersed in digital world-creating with virtual reality. Needless to say, it was the hit of the evening.

Other highlights included a “chill-out room,” where attendees could relax on a multitude of pillows surrounded by 8-bit-style rotating graphics, and a giant moon-like orb illuminated by various colorful projections.

Overall, it was a highly visual experience and an exciting visit to a futuristic wonderland. “I hope people leave with a newfound sense of optimism,” Leigh said. It seems certain that they did.

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Photos by the author for Per La Mente; additional images by Aaron Nevin where noted.

Laura June Kirsch is an NYC-based photographer who primarily documents music-related events for clients like VANS, The Village Voice, and TUMBLR. In 2013 she was a winner in the "Project Imagination" contest hosted by Canon & Ron Howard. She has been taking pictures since age five.


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