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Adriana Molello Curates Spellbinding Musical Experiences


Rana Good | December 5, 2017
A classical violinist and immersive event curator pulls off eclectic evenings filled with a plethora of performance and dance.

Immersive curator and classically trained violinist Adriana Molello knows how to throw an event like no other. She draws on a variety of musical styles and cultural influences to create electric, exciting parties across the U.S. The NYC-based musician has always been drawn to a variety of experiences.

From our friends at Atlas Obscura:

As a young violinist in Colorado, she played in her school’s jazz and mariachi bands in addition to contributing to the Denver Young Artists Orchestra and the Colorado Young Sinfonia. Since then, she’s filled her passport with stamps and played alongside major acts such as Pharrell, Jim James, and Beach Fossils. Her strong sense of wanderlust is a passion that she channels into her work today as a musician and event designer.

photo courtesy of Atlas Obscura

An avid traveler, Molello excels at bringing unique cultural experiences stateside with her.

Molello’s curiosity has both led her around the world (she once traveled to Romania in search of the elusive Stroh violin) and informed her work at home in New York City. As a field agent and event curator for Atlas Obscura, she’s helped design one-of-a-kind events, including Into the Veil at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery, for which she arranged elements as varied as a French horn quartet, a butoh dancer, and fortune tellers. Last summer at the historic Untermyer Gardens in Yonkers, she devised a night of Grecian-inspired revelry on the banks of the Hudson River for The Great Forgotten Garden Party.

On a recent trip to Venice, during which Molello had a chance to visit the hidden islands and lesser-known locales of the city, she became inspired, in partnership with Atlas Obscura and Per La Mente, to create The Night Garden of Serenissima: A Venetian Fairy Tale at Albion Castle.

photo by Clinton Perry

“I wanted to explore the different cultures that made up Venice,” she told Per La Mente. “We had a baroque ensemble, belly dancers, and birds in costumes — which I think is very Venetian.”

On any other night, a plethora of genres such as classical harp, guazheng, and Balkan folk music might have clashed, but during the Night Garden, the mix kept guests captivated throughout a fluid, diverse evening of experiences.

“I’m really into how music affects people,” Molello told Atlas Obscura. “It can be a spiritual experience. It’s a way to expand the audience.”

As an endlessly culturally curious curator, we look forward to seeing Molello curate many more one-of-a-kind events.

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Rana Good is a writer, editor, and producer whose work has been published in Dazed, AFAR, and Men's Journal. Originally from Switzerland, she has called NYC home for more than a decade and never gets tired of exploring the city's new bars, restaurants, and nightlife experiences.


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